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Portfolio Test 2

Growing Universes


Growing Universe is a silkscreen handprinted with organic colors by Medulla for fuse*.

This work is inspired by Multiverse, the audiovisual installation that explores the evolution of infinite possible universes through the use of generative graphics and sounds that exploit the theorization of the existence of the so-called multiverse.


This print is characterised by the extremely high definition of the dots that make up the graphics, by the need to reproduce the three-dimensional aspect using a single kind of colour pigment, and lastly by the ‘white on black’ aspect, never adopted before by Medulla. The first research phase was therefore the creation of the white. Medulla only obtain colours from naturally existing elements, both organic or inorganic. After various attempts, they hit upon a colour that was used for the preparation of the canvases and boards in iconography: the fine white powder used comes from an ancient deposit of seashells, ground up, left in decantation and dried. Once this powder is treated as a pigment, a paste is derived from it of the right density for use in silkscreen printing.
The next step was to carry out various tests on the opacity and brightness of the white in order to create the various degrees of intensity necessary for the following research phase: the breaking down into levels of the image in order to maintain the three-dimensional aspect. In order to do this, it was necessary to take into account the characteristics of the colour, of its transparency, exploiting the overprinting effect which serve to lighten a number of zones, and decide which parts to leave less intense than others, obviously considering a hierarchical order of levels, necessarily subjected to visual confirmation at every stage of the printing process.
The conclusion was reached to break down the image into four overlaid prints using three whites of different intensities. Lastly, high-resolution silkscreen printing frames were chosen: a frame of 100 threads per linear centimetre, each with a diameter of 40 microns.

Handprinted with organic colors by Medulla on Arjowiggins / Black Truffle 380g, FSC certified
30 copies limited edition 35x50cm (frame not included)


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